Johnny Pain's Guide to Success in Personal Training

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 In this information packed book, Johnny Pain reveals all of the key principles that must be applied if you are to be Successful in the world of Personal Training. 

JP shares loads of stories from his rise from paycheck to paycheck trainer, to internationally recognized authority on the subjects of strength and conditioning and personal training. 

JP shares the methods and strategies that he used to triple his income in a single month of training, build a large, portable client base, expand his brand's reach, and build momentum all the way.

He shares his valuable Communication Skills to you the trainer, drawing on his fifteen plus years involvement in the science of Neurolinguistic Programming.

JP gives you all of the tools needed to build your own lucrative, powerhouse brand, and ensure its growth for years to come. 

This book is written with the aspiring trainer, existing trainer, or gym owner in mind equally, and its lessons can be applied with great success by anyone from those categories. 

This is an exceptional value, and will represent one of the best investments that you can make in your career as a Coach or Trainer. 

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