Greyskull Ultimate Twelve-Week Value Pack

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This package comes with FIVE valuable titles.


You receive all four installments of the "Twelve Weeks at Greyskull" Series:


  • Gladiator Stage One
  • Gladiator Stage Two
  • Mastodon
  • Ripped to Shreds


You also receive my best-selling twelve-week title:


  • The LCI Method


This is an awesome way to pick up my full collection of twelve-week program books which spell out your training for you day by day. 


This set will keep you busy for quite some time, and will accommodate any training goal, from body recomposition (LCI and Gladiator Series), Mass Gain (Mastodon), or rapid fat loss (Ripped to Shreds), all while scratching your itch for variety in your training programs. 


If you train others, this package will also provide you with a wealth of insight on some of the methods that I use for accomplishing my client's individual objectives.


Save some serious loot by grabbing all of these titles together today!